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DSLR Video Shooter Review: Thank you, Caleb.  

Planet5d Review:  Thanks, Mitch.


NextWaveDV Review: Thank you, Tony.  

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"Your adapter products are spectacular! EXACTLY, what I, and every DSLM shooter needed! I'm constantly twerking my DOF with ND filters, but this sometimes gets me into hot water when I need to quickly ND up or down. Now, changing filters is INSTANTANEOUS, and my stress level is much reduced, now that I'm using your quick release products."

"I received my order today which arrived at the speed of light! Everything went into place as it should, the only problem is I didn't get a 62mm for my Sigma 18-250mm but I'll be watching this summer for that one to become available. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius, it's such a simple idea but it will become a lifesaver and a time saver out in the field. I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great product, these adapters and holders are 'cool as hell!'"

"BIG fan! I shoot in really, really cold climates and the ability to quickly add and take away a filter is so very convenient for me. Not to mention LE shooting w/ a big stopper. Thanks for making me aware of these long ago, Athena." 

"Received the parcel today with the adapters. Everything is great, have tried the product and it has become an instant essential item. Great service on your end and a solid and simple product, what more can one ask for."

"Just to let you know that my Xume adapter arrived a few days ago, and I'm very satisfied, it works like a treat!
Thank you for your prompt support, and all the success to you guys, you'll have my business anytime."

"Hey guys, I just ordered my third set of adapters. There is no better system out there for a landscape photographer that has to work in quick changing lighting situations. Thanks for the great products!!!"


"The XUME Adapters have far exceeded my greatest expectations. I can't even begin to tell you how much easier it is to shoot with an infrared filter or 10+ ND filter. I have dropped a number of high priced filters in the past, threading no more!!! This is something I wished was possible for years, and now it is available with stunning craftsmanship."


"Working with filters is no longer a tedious affair. It is such a delight to use them. Photographic documentation is an essential part of my profession and your innovation has made my world significantly easy. Tons of thanks for your brilliant idea."


"Totally quick and awesome! Completely does what it says and feels very secure. Congratulations on a great idea and an awesome product!"

"Great product - thanks so much. I've loaded up all my 77mm lenses, caps and filters with your rings and expect I'll be a lot more likely to use all of my filters as a result."

"Received my Xume quick release filter adapters. nice well executed idea. ordering more."

"WOoooot! Love these f***ing things! WoW!!!!!!!!! soo handy sooo fast!"

"I'm really happy with the adapters!  they make it so easy to swap out filters, i've been looking for something like this for a while so great job!"
"...it's easy to use, and it works flawlessly"

"I just got the 77mm filter adapters I ordered.  They work great!  It's going to save me a ton of time swapping my Vari-ND between lenses. "

“This is EXACTLY the sort of solution I've been craving and searching for. Thank you so much for bringing it to market.”

“... I am very happy with these. I've got filter holders on my polarizer and cokin holder and I feel for the first time I will actually use these as needed rather than just leaving them in the bag 99.9% of the time because they're too much of a hassle to install.”

“These mounts are fantastic. I ordered 2 more sets upon receipt of the first.”

“Looks like a great product... I am [using] it for a wide-angle adapter on my Super-8 cameras.“

“Wow excellent idea.... I hope you’re planning to expand the concept... quick :-)“

“Brilliant idea, long overdue....“

“This is exactly what I have been looking for... thank you for creating such a wonderful product.”

Reviews & Feedback

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