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Magnets & Media

XUME Adapters utilize NdFeB rare earth magnets. This is an understandable concern for users of digital equipment and media, however our research and testing have led us to conclude that there is no risk of harm to cameras, other electronics or storage media with the use of our products. Thousands of our adapters are in daily use and we consider this a non-issue.

See for yourself:


Compact Flash and SD media are non-magnetic and therefore unaffected by proximity to magnets, or even direct contact with them. Digital cameras, auto-focus lenses, computer hard drives and virtually all consumer electronics also contain magnets—some of them substantially more powerful than those used in our adapters. The massive magnetic forces required to adversely affect electronic devices are typically those generated by MRI equipment or industrial electromagnetic lifts used to move scrap metal and automobiles. A XUME Lens Adapter will barely attract a paper clip from a half-inch away. Thousands of XUME buyers worldwide are using our adapters without incident.

PC Magazine debunked the "magnet digital data-zap" myth, reporting in 2004 that "...most modern storage devices, such as SD and CompactFlash memory cards, are immune to magnetic fields. "There's nothing magnetic in flash memory, so [a magnet] won't do anything," says Bill Frank, executive director of the CompactFlash Association. "A magnet powerful enough to disturb the electrons in [compact] flash would be powerful enough to suck the iron out of your blood cells," says Frank."
Read the entire piece here: www.pcworld.com/article

Also, regarding magnets and hard drives: www.ehow.com/effects-magnets-computers.html

The adapters should theoretically be kept away from magnetic tapes, credit card stripes, magnetically coded ID badges, CRT displays and computer monitors, cassettes, videotapes, and any other magnetic media, however our real world experience is that the adapters, normally used, will not be in proximity with these items and would have to contact them directly for an extended period in order to have any negative effect, if then.

There are no known health hazards for magnet use and there are many who claim health benefits from proximity to magnets, though we do not. However, if you wear a pacemaker, please download and read: Pacemaker Info.pdf and if in any doubt, do not use XUME Adapters without consulting your physician. They are safe for everyone else.

Please keep the adapters away from children, pets and internet trolls.


Magnets & Media

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