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A conventional lens cap does not fit our lens adapters, so it is necessary to install your lens cap in a filter holder or to leave a filter on your lens when not in use. We now offer a dedicated 77mm XUME Lens Cap. It works only with our 77mm Lens Adapters.

How do you pronounce XUME? Zoom. 

Do you plan to add other sizes? We don't have immediate plans to add new sizes, but contact us with any requests, and be added to our list to be notified if or when additional sizes do become available. We do not share your email address with anyone.

What are XUME Adapters? XUME Adapters allow quick attachment and removal of any round screw-in type photo filter. One lens adapter is needed for each lens and one filter holder for each of your most used filters. The Adapters can be interchanged with additional lenses or filters but that defeats the purpose. The adapters and holders are precision-machined and beautifully finished. They are designed to automatically self-align and lock into place.

Who uses them? Professional and amatuer photographers, filmmakers and educators all over the world. You've likely heard of several of our users—some of whom are very well known—but we have a strict privacy policy and don't display or disclose the names of our users unless they Tweet, blog or otherwise mention us first in a manner that is accessable to anyone on the internet. 

What’s the point? Any photographer who changes filters regularly for any reason will appreciate the ease and convenience of XUME Adapters. Videographers using expensive ND filters will appreciate the ability to quickly swap or interchange their filters between lenses. No cross-threading, no tedious screwing on and off of a filter for a one quick use. XUME Adapters make it much easier to be creative on the fly and use the filter you want when you want it and remove it when you don’t.

I rarely use filters, why would I need it? Even photographers who prefer an unfiltered image can benefit by using XUME Adapters. Keep an inexpensive UV filter on your lens, compose your shot, get your exposure, then pop the filter off when you are ready to shoot, back on when you’re done. It’s like having a transparent lens cap. Several users have told us they don't use filters, but love having the option to keep one on their lens and remove at the last second. 

What about vignetting? The rings are very low profile and slightly thicker than an average step ring. Our hands-on experience shows that users shooting with a cropped sensor such as a Nikon D or DX series camera will likely experience no vignetting up to about 17mm, however users of full-frame sensor cameras should expect slight to moderate vignetting below about 24mm, and we therefore don't recommend XUME for super wide lenses on full-frame sensor cameras. Most users will experience no vignetting with normal and longer length lenses.

In practice, vignetting is a product of many factors including focal length, sensor size, specific lens, filter type and brand. There are infinite combinations of these devices so it is impossible to predict your results with your specific set up and workflow. One user reported that he experienced vignetting at 20mm with a zoom lens, but no vignetting with the same camera using a 20mm prime, demonstrating the difficulty in providing definitive guidlines or expectations for every user.

We therefore strongly recommend testing with your camera/lens/filter setup before performing critical work. We have a no-hassle return policy, so the best bet is to try them and return if they don't work out. Most users find slight or occasional vignetting a fair tradeoff for the convenience of using the adapters, and we get very few returns.

How does it work? XUME Adapters take advantage of powerful NdFeB rare earth magnets. These high tech magnets lose only about 1% of their strength per decade. The innovative design allows a filter to effortlessly and securely self-mount. U.S. Patent No. 8,014,666 was issued in September, 2011 for our original adapter design. A second patent, 8,238,742 was issued in August, 2012.

Is it really secure? Yes. Your filters will be easy to remove when needed but will be held securely in place until then. The force required to remove a filter is significantly greater than your camera would ever be subjected to during normal use, however we strongly suggest the use of an over the lens type hood at all times to protect your filter from an accidental detachment, especially when using heavier variable ND filters. Take extra care when using variable ND filters as they are very heavy and can be unstable. Please try yours in a controlled environment to insure that the connection feels secure and stable. Use caution if setting your camera on a table top or other flat surface and prevent it from falling forward and knocking your filter loose. When you are using them regularly it is easy to forget, but please remember that the adapters provide a temporary connection by design.

What if I need to use a lens hood? Over the lens type hoods should fit normally and are recommended. A rubber lens hood is not a problem, however, do not mount a filter onto the lens hood for use with the adapters. Either mount a holder onto the hood for quick release use or install the hood directly onto the lens and mount the adapter into the hood for dedicated and/or long-term use. The best practice is to test and insure that you are comfortable with the connection.

Can I still use step rings? Yes, however step rings make it impossible to use an over-the-lens hood. If necessary, the preferred method is to use a step-up ring on your lens and the next higher size filter and adapter. In other words, a 77-82mm step ring on your lens with an 82mm filter with our adapters. We don't recommend a step down ring on a filter as it adds weight and increases the chance of an accidental detachment.

What about stacking? For now, our system doesn't allow stacking unless you have an adapter screwed into the front of your filter which would get very thick and likely cause vignetting. As you might suspect, it would also make the connection less stable, so it's not a good solution for stacking. We have reports from users who screw two filters together and use them in pairs without any problem, but it defeats the purpose of the quick release connection and we don't (officially) recommend it. In practice, we suggest users test their configuration in a controlled situation and decide if they are comfortable with it. We encourage you to try a set and return them within 30 days if they don't work out. 

Will my filters still fit in their cases? They should. The round two-piece cases are fine. The flat hinged type are tighter, but still fit. The flat ones may not snap shut, but they will not open while they're in your bag. A minor issue, we think.

Does it work with a polarizer or variable ND? Yes. A great use for XUME. It holds either in place so that the front element can be turned. Use care with heavier variable NDs and polarizers. An over the lens hood and tripod are recommended.

Can I use it with my Cokin® System? Yes. Also a great use for XUME, but use with care. Note that the added weight and extension of the filter holders may make inadvertent detachment possible. Use care and handle carefully, especially when using multiple filters. Test the connection before using and make sure you are comfortable with the force of the connection.

Can I use it with my Lee Filters? Not recommended for now. We have had a few inquiries and will test and report soon. 

Help! I'm having trouble removing a filter from a holder. Because the holders are so thin they can bind the filter under even slight pressure. Instead of holding edge to edge, try pinching just one side of the holder at the textured region between your thumb and index finger while unscrewing the filter. A lighter touch is more effective than brute force. This always seems to work. Click here.  

Are magnets safe? Pacemaker wearers should download and read the following: Pacemaker Info, and if in any doubt, should not use XUME Adapters without consulting a physician. They are safe for everyone else. There are no known health hazards for magnet use and they are present in a myriad of common consumer and industrial products that most people use daily including most cameras and autofocus lenses. Please use common sense and keep them away from children.

What about my cameras or other electronics? Please click hereThe magnets in use will not harm LCD screens, digital cameras, auto-focus lenses, digital media or film. Your cameras and lenses also likely contain magnets. The adapters should theoretically be kept away from magnetic tapes, credit card stripes, magnetically coded ID badges, CRT displays and computer monitors, cassettes, videotapes, and any other magnetic media, however, normally used they will not be in proximity with these items and would have to contact them directly for an extended period in order to have any negative effect, if then. The magnetic force is highly focused and locally effective only. Nevertheless, use common sense and keep your unprotected lens element away from stray metal objects. Please keep them away from children. While it is extremely unlikely, the Warranty does not cover incidental damage. 

What's the warranty? One year, limited. 

What’s the return policy? Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less any shipping charges and/or return shipping costs. No RMA is required and no questions asked. Use a trackable method for returns. Please see Customer Service for additional details.

Where do you ship? Almost everywhere. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Please inquire if your country is not listed at checkout. We discount international shipping rates by an amount equal to free U.S. shipping and offer very reasonable rates for FedEx International Priority shipping.

What about customs duties and VATs? Duties, VATs and other import taxes vary by country and can be substantial. The buyer is responsible for payment of such and we are unable to provide information or cost estimates as we ship to almost 50 countries and the rates will vary according to the order amount and the destination. Most countries have a duty-free allowance. Please check with your local customs or postal service for specific tax rates and policies in your country.   

Can we put a smaller dollar amount on the Customs Form or declare it a gift? Sorry, no. It's illegal and bad for our Karma and yours. Please don't ask.


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